Hot selling package

Single domain certificate

Prevent individual website content from being hijacked/tampered with

Protect 1 domain name

Each of the following counts as a domain name

Multi domain certificate

Prevent multiple website content from being hijacked/tampered with

Simultaneously protecting 3 domain names
Every additional 1/150$,Up to 180 domain names

Each of the following counts as a domain name

Unable to add after placing an order, it is recommended to purchase multiple items at once


Wildcard certificate

Prevent content hijacking/tampering of one main site and multiple sub sites

1 domain name+unlimited subdomains

Each of the following counts as a domain name



Hot selling package

Strengthening the security of website data, ensuring that the website is not hijacked, enhancing user trust, and achieving higher rankings on search engines

verified_userIncrease SEO weight
verified_user5-10 minute automatic issuance
verified_userPerfect support for various PC and mobile browsers
verified_userProtect unlimited servers
verified_userLiability protection worth $10000
verified_userHigh strength 128/256 bit data encryption
verified_userUnlimited free resend of certificates
verified_userVerify domain ownership only/no manual verification required
verified_userGreen Address Bar  
SSL certificateProduct advantages
  • Website security enhancement

    The SSL certificate uses HTTPS encrypted APP and web communication to prevent data from being stolen, tampered with, and ensure data integrity during transmission; Prevent data hijacking and webpage placement of advertisements.

  • Improve search ranking

    Websites that use HTTPS encryption rank higher in search results than HTTP, and using SSL certificates can assist in site SEO optimization, effectively improving the search ranking of official websites, enhancing brand image and exposure.

  • High certificate compatibility

    The Zhanke SSL certificate supports all mainstream browsers and mobile devices, ensuring that users can receive the correct webpage security prompt when accessing.

  • One stop batch management

    Zhanke SSL certificates support batch purchase and binding of domain names. Domain names parsed by Diansi can automatically pass domain name verification, and support batch export of CNAME verification formats from various mainstream resolution providers and batch download of certificates, effectively reducing operation time.

  • SSL certificate issuance speed is fast

    Zhanke SSL certificate application verification only takes 5-10 minutes for automatic issuance.

  • Multi platform support

    Meet the requirements for listing SSL certificates in App Store and Mobile App Store.

SSL certificateApplication Scenario
Enterprise Applications Government Information App Store API
Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

More and more enterprises are deploying enterprise applications such as OA and CRM in the cloud, enjoying the efficiency and convenience of cloud computing. Using SSL certificate encryption can further enhance system security and ensure that sensitive information is not hijacked or tampered with.

Government Information

Government Information

Credibility is the most important feature that government platforms need to create. More and more phishing and fraudulent websites and information hijacking methods pose a serious threat to the information security of government platforms. Enabling authoritative SSL certificates can ensure information security and website credibility.

App Store

App Store

Starting from January 1, 2017, all Apple apps must support HTTPS secure connections, and non HTTPS enabled apps will be forcibly removed from the Apple store.



API is an important way for third-party websites to exchange information, and the security of API interfaces is crucial because they are designed to transmit most important data and operational instructions. The use of SSL certificates can encrypt its information transmission, effectively preventing information transmission from being hijacked or tampered with.

SSL certificateCommon problem

expand_more expand_less Why is the SSL certificate always being validated after binding to the domain name?

1. Check if the CNAME domain name resolution is accurate, and wait for successful verification after it takes effect.
2. Just submitted requires waiting for 5-10 minutes for verification.
3. If the above issues cannot help you, please contact online customer service.

expand_more expand_less Can I continue to add domain names after installing the multi domain SSL certificate?

Multiple domain SSL certificates are bound at once and cannot be added. After adding, the domain name cannot be changed. Please confirm the domain name before binding.

expand_more expand_less What is the difference between paid SSL certificates and free SSL certificates?

Paid SSL certificates are secure and stable, with a higher level of trust in major browsers. Free SSL certificates can only be used for one or a few months, and may be revoked by SSL certificate authorities at any time, resulting in inaccessible websites.