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Product advantages
  • Intelligent monitoring

    Automated and precise identification, saving 90% of manpower for auditing, and providing quick feedback on results.

  • Real-time Alarm

    Continuous monitoring for 7 * 24 hours, issuing downtime warnings as soon as possible, and supporting multiple alarm notification methods such as email and SMS

  • Downtime switching

    When a fault occurs, automatic switching to the backup IP can be set, and after recovery, it will switch back to the original IP, which can effectively improve website availability and page performance.

  • Full network coverage

    Distributed probe deployment supports multiple monitoring lines and nodes, providing more secure security for your website.

Application Scenario

Timely handling of abnormal scenarios

Downtime monitoring will send alarm information based on the alarm rules you set, when the abnormal error rate reaches the alarm threshold, allowing you to promptly obtain abnormal notifications and inquire about the cause of the abnormality.

Custom monitoring

Customizing node route monitoring according to user needs can provide a more accurate understanding of the site's availability and ensure the normal operation of the website under different routes.

Always prepare emergency plans

Can be used for website disaster recovery. When a server goes down, the system will automatically and seamlessly switch it to an available server. After the down server is restored, it will automatically switch back to its original IP address.

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